Embilipitiya Police Torture Case

 - May 6th, 2020 - 

Personal details of the victim

The victim name is Sumith Prasanna, 30 years old, married person, who was lived in Embilipitya, Rathnapura district of Sri Lanka. He was businessman.


On the 04th of January 2016, Sumith Prasanna had taken part to a party was being held, at a residence in the Embilipitiya town. During this party, two uninvited guests, who were two policemen arrived at the house to the surprise of all guests and the residents. They were there not for any police duty, but to ask for Arrack (a local liquor), for their own consumption. As this request was not heeded to by the owners and residents there began a quarrel which quickly turned aggressive. The policemen had then called their colleagues at Embilipitiya police station as reinforcements, and soon thereafter a large group of policemen had also arrived and they had severely beaten the people attending the party. At that time police officers took Sumith to 2nd floor and severely beaten him. Then pushed him from 2nd floor to 1st floor. After that again they started beating and then pushed him from the 1st floor to ground floor. Then police officers took him by their jeep to the hospital. The victim was died at the hospital. He was become to a fatal stage because of the severe beatings. One of his hands were cut and removed at the hospital during the operation. At least because of the injuries caused to his internal organs he succumbed to death.

Steps we have taken

We received the information through the local media and then one of our activists visited the victim’s place. And some staff members of Right to Life also went to the place. Complaints

were prepared and sent to Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka, National Police

Commission and Inspector General of Police to take necessary steps. Make aware the

victim’s family about Human Rights through our awareness programs. A Fundamental Rights

case (SC FR 30/16) has been filed in the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka.

Current Situation

Leave was granted to proceed the Fundamental Rights case and it is still ongoing. (SCFR

30/2016) There were two (02) court appearance during the 2019 year.



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