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Torture case in Katunayake Free Trade Zone.

Personal details of the victims.

There were 13 victims faced this torture incident and one person was died. R2L has given legal support for 03 victims of them. They are Sameera Sandaruwan, Jayathilaka & Pradeep kumara. They were working as labors in the Katunayaka Free Trade Zone when they faced this incident.


The workers uprising in the Katunayaka Free Trade Zone, which began on May 24, 2011 against the private sector pension bill brought into effect under the government of Mahinda Rajapakse, has taken on a brutal and brutal character due to the misbehavior of the police. The police fired on the same day, killing 4 people in the trade zone and 5 people, including two three-wheeler drivers and injuring nearly 100 persons. Roshen Chanaka, who was later admitted to the Free Trade Zone in the Ragama Hospital, succumbed to injuries after being shot by the police and died on the night of 1st June 2011.

Steps we have taken

Some staff members of Right to Life also went to the place. Complaints were prepared and sent to Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka, National Police Commission and Inspector General of Police to take necessary steps. Make aware the victim’s families about Human Rights through our awareness programs. Fundamental Rights cases (SC FR 346/11, SC FR 347/11, SC FR 348/11) have been filed in the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka.Current Situation

On 5th April 2019 Supreme Court decided that the attack on the employees of the Katunayake Free Trade Zone by the police was a violation of fundamental rights. The Supreme Court ordered to the respondents that compensation must be paid for the petitioners.

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