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Hakmana Police Torture Case

Personal details of the victim

The victim name is K.A. Hemasiri, 60years old, a resident of Hakmana, Southern province of

Sri Lanka. He is a former principal of a government school. He is married & has two

children, both are doctors.


On the 19th of December 2009, after attending to some propaganda work of the opposition

party meeting on the following day, Hemasiri with his party member had been waiting in

Hakmana town, expecting to meet Pradeshiya Saba Council member Mr. Alahengoda. Later

on Mr. Jayatissa Palangasinghe too joined them. Officer in charge (OIC) of the Hakmana

Police Station came in a Police Jeep with a three police constable, and asked Hemasiri

pointing at the posters that he was holding, Hemasiri told him that the posters are related to

the opposition meeting to be held on the following day. Then OIC blamed them with abusive

words and he ordered to them to get into the police jeep. Then the OIC forced Jayatissa to get

into the jeep and he refused it. Then OIC came around, got hold of Jayatissa’s shirt collar,

pulled him towards the jeep and assaulted him. Then Hemasiri intervened, he too was

assaulted. Hemasiri started bleeding from the mouth. Then the OIC drove off with Jayatissa

in the jeep. Hemasiri was admitted to the Hospital. His three teeth were extracted.

Steps we have taken

Through an Opposition Parliament Member who informed to R2L, and some of the staff

members visited the victim at the hospital. Complaints were prepared and sent to Human

Rights Commission, National Police Commission and Inspector General of Police. We

explained the victim about his rights and the necessary actions to be taken. A Fundamental

Right case has been filed in the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka (SCFR 12/2010). And, the

OIC indicted for voluntarily causing grievous hurt under Penal Code. The case was filed in

the Matara High Court. (HC 57/2014).

Current Situation

Leave was granted for the Fundamental Right Case and it is still ongoing. There were two

(02) court appearances during the 2019. High Court gave a judgment about the voluntarily

causing grievous hurt under Penal Code. In the judgment ordered punished the accused with

fine (Rs.1,000).

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