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Wadduwa Police Torture Case

Personal details of the victim

The victim name is Dassanayake Nimal Chandrasiri of Wadduwa, Western Province of Sri

Lanka. He was 56 years old, married person & has two children. He was a fisherman.


The victim was arrested by a team of police officers attached to Wadduwa police station.

Police officers were brought the victim to Wadduwa police station. Immediately upon hearing

the news, his son went to the police station where he found the victim lying on the floor of a

cell. He was bleeding profusely from injuries caused by the severe torture he had endured.

Despite repeated requests for water by the victim, the officers on duty refused to comply.

However, the police then stated that they arrested the victim on suspicion of possession of

two cannabis cigars and later found the victim was dead inside the cell.

Steps we have taken

When R2L received the information through the media, then staff members visited the

victim’s house. Complaints were prepared and sent to Human Rights Commission of Sri

Lanka, National Police Commission and Inspector General of Police to take necessary steps.

A Fundamental Rights case has been filed in the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka ( SCFR

260/2012). And, indictments have been filed against the perpetrators in Panadura High

Court. (HC/3499/2017). WRIT application has been filed in the Court of Appeal to issuing

WRIT of Mandamus to National Police Commission and IGP to conduct a credible inquiry

into the complaints made by the victim’s Wife. (WRIT 473/2015).

Current Situation

Leave was granted for the Fundamental Right Case and it is still ongoing. There were three

(03) court appearances during the 2019. According to the writ application (WRIT 473/2015)

National police commission informed to the court that the commission has taken disciplinary

actions against to the perpetrators. Panadura High Court case is still ongoing.

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