Husband of Niththi Nazeera too dies

 - January 20th, 2011 - 

Mrs Nazeera who lives at Mirigama road, Negombo was admitted to Negombo hospital in the year 2005 to get medicine for a wound in the leg.  Due to the carelessness of the doctors, her right leg was removed after a surgery.  She had complained about this careless treatment of Dr. Parakrama Warnasooriya who performed surgery, to Medical Council, Inspector General of Police and the Human Right Commission.  Later she had filled a case against relevant doctors demanding a compensation of Rupees 50 Laks, in the Negombo District Court.

She was fighting for this injustice happened to her until she died of a sudden heart attack in 2009 and till then the inquiry held on her case by the Medical Council, was not completed. But as soon as  they come to know about her demise, the quickly informed that they will not continue further action on this case.

The husband of Niththi Nazeera Mr. M. Yushub requested an opportunity to appear on behalf of the rights of the complainant (his wife) and the Negombo District Courts granted permission to Mr. Yushub to appear on behalf of the rights of Niththi Nazeera.  But it is reported that the Medical Councilhas stil not stated their stand on this matter.

 Mr. Yushub who was frustrated after the sudden death of his wife, expected to have justice from the Negombo District Court.  Even after fighting for years against the injustice happened to his wife, no justice was received and the case was just dragging for a long time and Mr. yushub who was thoroughly dis gusted suddenly fell ill, and died unexpectedly.



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