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The Chilaw Police break the Nasal Bone of a Youth

Kapila Sampath had come to Chilaw about 10 years ago from Matara.  He lives in Chilaw and has a fruit selling stall in the pavement. On 23rd January 2011, two people in civil clothes had come after consuming liquor , had informed the assistant of Kapila Sampath who were there to remove the fruit stall.  On getting this information, Kapila Sampath immediately came to  his fruit stall and  and inquired from the two drunken officers for the reason to remove the fruit stall.  Then using unprintable words they have told to remove the fruit stall (fruit containing board) immediately.

 Then Kapila Sampatha has told that “I am doing this here for a number of years legally- and also I do n’t know who you are and I can’t remove my fruit selling boards because of your shouting after taking liquor.”  Then that person has told “I am Senarath from the Chilaw police” Kapila has told that he can not accept them as police officers unless they show their identity cards or to come in their uniforms.

Then one office has assaulted with his right hand on Kapila’s nose and face, and due to this, kapila’s nose had started bleeding and piece of a front tooth too had broken.  Later it was reveled that this officer who attacked Kapila was P.N.Senerath of Chilaw Police.  After assaulting him, he had caught him by the neck and had pushed him where he was knocked against the gate post, put him on the ground, pulled him by his T/shirt, taken him to Chi law police station and had put him in the police cell.

Due to continuous bleeding from the nose, the office who attacked Kapila and two other officers had taken him at about 7.30 in the n ight to Chilaw Base Hospital .  He was admitted to the hospital  for warded treatment and had referred to he Judicial Medical Officer.

And the police had filled a false case (B/R71/2011) on him and has released him on a Rs. 10000/- bail.  Then two police officers  have come and inquired whether he would like to settle this matter within themselves.

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