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Illegally arrest by the Anamaduwa Police officers.

Personal details of the victim.

The victim name is R.H.M. Keerthirathna, 50 years old, resident in Mudalakkuliya, Puttalam district of Sri Lanka.


On January 18, 2011, Anamaduwa police officers visited the victim’s home and arrested him. The reason for his arrest is not known. He was taken to the police station and produced before the Magistrate’s Court on January 19, 2011, on false charges, and remanded.

Steps we have taken

One of our activists referred the victim’s family members to R2L. Complaints were prepared and sent to Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka, National Police Commission and Inspector General of Police to take necessary steps. Make aware the victim’s family about Human Rights through our awareness programs. A Fundamental Rights case (SC FR 491/11) has been filed in the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka.

Current Situation

On 25th June 2018, Supreme Court decided that arrest the victim without any reason by the police officers were a violation of fundamental rights. Supreme court ordered to the 1st Respondent (Police constable who came to arrest the victim) to pay Rs 25000/=, 2nd Respondent (Officer in charge of the police station) to pay Rs 50,000/= and state to pay Rs. 500,000/= to the victim.

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