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Let’s put an end to health care neglect – Philip Dissanayake

A 40-year-old fisherman who was admitted to the hospital for treatment recently was pronounced dead and sent to the morgue where he regained consciousness, the Negombo Base Hospital reported.

The fisherman was admitted to the Negombo General Hospital in a critical condition and was taken to the morgue where he was pronounced dead by the OPD.

Relatives also came to the spot and while holding the body, the patient suddenly raised his hand and confirmed that he was not dead. Lankadeepa says that the hospital staff who were nearby had rushed him to the hospital ward for further treatment.

We often hear about people in the health sector, including doctors, who act in this way without any responsibility for human lives. Meanwhile, the Negombo Hospital has been ranked number one in Sri Lanka for a long time.

In March 2005, a report was received from the Negombo Hospital regarding the accidental removal of the leg of a woman named Sitthi Nazeera. She had to return from the Negombo Hospital to clean her leg after losing her leg. She had even resorted to court action in this regard.

Chamila Shiromini Peiris also died in 2005 due to an accident during an LRT operation at the Negombo Base Hospital after giving birth to her third child. Her husband had also complained to the Medical Council about this.

The incident was reported from the Negombo Hospital on November 12, 2007. The incident took place when a young woman working in a garment factory called Katana Smart Shirt fell to her death from the 6th floor of the Negombo General Hospital.

The 22 year old unmarried girl named Chamila Dissanayake, a resident of Monaragala had come to the Negombo Hospital to check for a lump in her breast. After examining her, Dr. Sudarshana Balage summoned her to his dormitory on the 6th floor of the Negombo Hospital for further tests. Unaware that this was going to the doctor’s residence, Chamila, the doctor who had raped her, later dropped her on the 6th floor.

The only eyewitness to the incident was Briatrius, a nurse at the hospital. If she had not lost her job in the midst of various threats and pressures and had not revealed the truth to the court, this murder would still remain a big mystery to this day.

These are just some of the incidents that have been reported to us in the recent past. But there are plenty of cases that are not reported in this way and are not seen as medical negligence. It is your social responsibility as a citizen to take appropriate action regarding careless health care in order to get out of this situation and get good health care.

Today, there are instances where this field is operating as an acre mafia. Today there is no opportunity for a doctor to explain his disease or raise questions. If a patient who goes to a private hospital survives various tests or surgeries, the doctor has to pretend that he or she is a very poor person. Prescribing medication to a patient depends on the pleasure, commission and other amenities provided to the doctor by the relevant companies.

Not only patients but all citizens should take immediate action against such incidents. In case of negligence, a complaint should be lodged immediately with the nearest police station and in writing to the hospital authorities and the Medical Council. Here you have to reveal the identities of the doctor who is treating you. That is your right. Many patients do not even know the name of the doctor who treated them at the government hospital.

The main problem we face in such an operation is that a doctor above a doctor conducts an investigation and reports that a negligent action has taken place.

Many negligent actions in the field of health are also due to the non-attendance of these top specialists or Sirla Hospitals and their immediate departure for their personal services a few hours later, due to the negligent actions of the doctors below them. As a result, the doctor in the hospital has an incalculable amount of responsibilities per day.

Knowing that the mistake at the hands of their apprentice doctor is due to their own shortcomings, this sergeant is fighting for his life to save his apprentice, which is a big problem we face in advancing the law. But, events like this have forced us to understand this situation and act in the future.


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