Statement from SLCAT

 - April 2nd, 2022 - 

“The Sri Lanka Collective Against Torture (SLCAT) condemns the arrests, detention and torture of protestors and by-standers at the public protest at Mirihana, Nugegoda on the night of 31st March 2022. These persons had gathered to exercise their basic civic right to highlight the devastating impact of the economic crisis which has led to island wide power outages and a fuel shortage which has impacted essential services and the supplies of food and medicines.During the last several weeks, at least three deaths of people who stood in line waiting for LP gas deliveries or fuel supplies were recorded, and scuffles broke out as people clamored to access essential supplies”

Sri Lankan Collective against Torture has released a statement regarding the current situation.


SLCAT statement on arrests- 2 April 2022




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