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The Supreme Court, leu grant for Anne Ranaweera’s Case

Anne Ranaweera, a resident of Pamunugama, is a traditional indigenous doctor and a freelance journalist at Gnanartha Pradeepaya magazine. Anne says a group of policemen attached to pamunugama Police Station forcibly entered to her house and stormed into her bedroom on November 12,2019. Her house was raided due to several calls received by the Pamunugama Police regarding her. Her and her mother were brutally tortured by the police on the way to the police station and inside the polices station. 

A fundamental right petition was filed in the supreme court on 03/10/2019 under the legal aid of Right to life Human Rights Centre. Petitioner permit the hearing of this case because it appears to have violated fundamental rights was given to the party. 

The respondent of the petition also been ordered to file their objection to the court. The next calling date of case is 2020/11/09.

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