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Two research reports from 2019 to 2020

In 2019 Right to life Human Rights Centre conducted two researchers. And these researchers done by Mr.Dulan Dassanayake – AAL and Ms. Keshini Dias Sumanasekara – AAL. These two researchers were lunched at the 25th Anniversary Celebration event which was held on 20th of December 2019 at BMICH.

The research conducted by the Mr.Dulan Dassanayaka named as “ Sri Lanka: 25 years with Act. Against Torture”. This research report contains details and information about how this act was implemented in these 25 years and the decisions and sentence by the High Court given to the 20 selected cases. And the other research report which is done by Ms. Keshini Dias Sumanasekara named as “Short Analysis on Sentencing Policies on Torture in Sri Lanka, specially the violation Article 11 of the constitution of Sri Lanka.

Peculiarly, these documents can be identified as a foundation document for a board examination on the Act. of Torturing and its functionality how, the law implemented for torturing in Sri Lanka.

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