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Wattala police torture case – Gerad Mervin Perera

Personal details of the victim

The victim name is Jerad Mervin Perera, 42years old from Wattala, gampaha district of the island. He was married person and worked in the Colombo dockyard.


On the 14th June of 2002 Jerad Mervin Perera was arrested by Police officers attached to Wattala Police station, accusing for a triple murder. Gerrad was severely tortured by the Police officers. There were bruises and six wounds due to the severe assault by Police officers. His eyes were folded; hands were tied back together and hanged on a wood in the roof, then beaten by iron wooded bars. He was laid down putting his face on the ground and then burnt his skin with matches. Later, information received by the police revealed that he was not the real suspect in the arrest and then they released Gerad asking forgiveness for their mistake. Later the victim was shot dead by a gunman.

Steps we have taken

People Against Torture (PAT) network referred the victim to Right to Life Organization. After the victim was shot dead, his wife is keeping contacts with R2L. R2L & Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) filed a Fundamental Right case in the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka. A case filed under the Convention against Torture and other Cruel and Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment Act No. 22 of 1994 in the High Court of Negombo (HC 326/2003) and also one of the police officer (Suresh Gunasena) and another person (Ajith Nishantha) indicted for Murder under Penal Code.

Current Situation

The case was filed in the Negombo High Court. (HC 445/2005) On the 22nd of June, 2015, Negombo High Court gave a judgment about the Murder case. In the judgment ordered death penalty to the two accused persons (Including Police officer). And on 28th of June 2019 Negombo High Court gave a judgment about the torture case (HC 326/2003). In the judgment ordered punished the two accused persons with rigorous imprisonment for ten years and with fine (Rs.50,000).

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