Investigations into six policemen’s as a result of drunk and hitting a person

 - April 28th, 2020 - 

The Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka started an investigation into a group of police officers accused of inhumanly attacking a house in Jaffna during the curfew. The Human Rights Commission has asked the police headquarters in Jaffna to act against six police officers attached to Vaddukukoddai Police Station who are accused of attacking a 23-year-old fisherman named Mutturasa Kannadasan of Western Arali.

“I kindly request you to submit a report detailing the steps taken to mitigate the situation and the steps taken so far”, District Human Rights Commissioner T. Khanagaraj said in a letter to the Jaffna Senior Superintendent of Police and Deputy Inspector General of the Police.

On 18th of April Kanagadasan had come home from fishing and had a conversation with two other youths. The drunken police officers had stormed in to their house and have been beaten to them. The police had said that the reason for beating is curfew rules violation. The relatives of victims have lodged a compline to the Human Rights Commission regarding the incident.

“My son was beaten until he fell unconscious” Ranjani, Mother of who was beaten, told to the media.

“I didn’t know that they are policemen. They came with a cricket bat, they broke in to the house and broke down the chairs. When I was trying to take photos of the incident the broke my phone also”

Kanagadasan’s mother has complained to the HRC that the other youths also been beaten with battens.

The police officers chased away the neighbors who came to the support of kanagadasan and ripped off the clothes of women in the house.

The commissioner has in formed the police that he has received the relevant videos as well.

Kanagadasan who was assaulted and take into the custody later that night taken to the Vaddukoddai police sation and released on next day.

Journalists in the area doesn’t received any news regarding the response by the police regarding the letter of HRC.



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