Worldwide class rivalry emerges in the wake of the corona pandemic

 - April 19th, 2020 - 

Corona is currently spreading around the world, virus race, gender, nationality or sexual orientation do not feel that different. However, infection prevention and survivors the opportunity to improve is undoubtedly one of the important points is that wealth. Like very natural occurrence of epidemics, coronavirus is intersecting with the reality of a society riven by social inequality. The living conditions of most of the population increase their risk of infection, and the consequences of the widening economic catastrophe have gone far beyond control. Corona virus due to stay in a luxury home, “titled April 03, Friday. An article in the New York Times reports that the wealthy in the United States, which has now become the epicenter of epicenter of epidemic, are able to pursue “social alienation” more easily than the poor.

Although people in every income group move less than they were before the crisis, the Times notes, “According to aggregate data submitted by position analytics firm Quebec, covering about 15 million mobile phone users nationwide daily, the wealthiest are particularly at work. Mostly stay at home. Moreover, in almost every state, they began to do so a few days earlier than the poor, and with the outbreak of the virus, they have given a basic start to the social alienation.”  By the end of the march 16, when the Trump administration began advising people to stay home, travel was down,” the analysis said. By that time, however, the mobility of those in the highest-income areas had already halved. After three days, a similar decline was seen in poor areas.

In most major urban areas, the top 10 percent effectively reduced its mobility to zero on the weekend, the work without left many low-wage workers under unhygienic conditions and adequate protection. Which was released on Wednesday in the last week of March, (the company carried out a poll to find the Census) Health information percent of adults in the United states, 57 it failed to set aside the work from them are concerned that exposure to risk. For adults earning less than $40,00 annually, that number is close to 72 percent three quarters. There is, of course, a health service. Low income workers often do not have health insurance and must buy private insurance with higher co-pays and deductibles. Even before the virus contracted, the life expectancy of the poor in the United States, in particular was 20 years lower than the life expectancy of the rich due to class-based health care.

Meanwhile the super-rich are feeling to the comfortable confines of their mansions, summer homes, or survival bunkers where the essentials are stored. If they get infected with the coronavirus, the rich can expect rapid test results and can find comfort in health care away from overcrowded hospitals. With many wealthy people feeling NYC, the current global hub, are Queens, Brooklyn and Bronx are poorest areas. Detroit, the poorest city in America, where thousands still do not have access to their homes is already filled with hospitals. And Michigan is home to Detroit, just behind NY and New Jersey in terms of causalities and deaths.

Already, workers must decide whether to pay for their families’ meals or pay their rent. It is estimated that 40% of NYC tenant will not pay rent this month. In each city, tens of thousands of people queue for hours at mobile weekly food banks, many turning to these services for the first time. These conditions are recurring in many forms around the world. Spanish daily news paper EI Randolph, an article based on wealth disparities recorded in Madrid keeper adds retail worker quoted statement “We are the third-class Titanic. We risk our lives for their shit. We sell” Countries and regions with the most concentrated levels of poverty are most at risk. Middle East and North Africa, Whereas refugee camps in south America, the virus is spread through the slums of Africa and South Asia, and working-class people in crowded areas, the consequences would be disastrous.  



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