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14 Year old Student , 9 days in Police Custody

It has been reported from Kurunegala that a father and a son both illegally arrested, brutally beaten questioned about some robberies and were kept at the Police Station for 9 days.

The son’s hand s had been tied ,suspended from a beam in the roof and had been brutally assaulted.

The Police decided to put the Case before court, when human rights organization help were sought.

Before taking to court ,they were taken to Kurunegala Hospital. Both father and the son informed the Doctor they were assaulted. But the Doctor did not take any action.

Magistrate released the son on a surety bond of Rs.25,000/= and the father still in prison.

On the 22nd July the son admitted to teaching hospital Kurunegala and remained there for five days and was discharged on the 26th July 2008.

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