Another murder in Negombo Prison

 - August 9th, 2008 - 

Seynnool Miswar from Mosque Lane ,Periyamulla,was an inmate in Negombo Prison convicted of raping. had been brutally assaulted and consequently died on the 3rd of July 2008.According to the report of the post mortem the death was due to beating.The names of the perpetrators were revealed by the victim to another inmate Ubeydha ,just before he died. On Ubeydha’s statement the Nogombo Police has taken two jailor guards to custody.

The brother of Miswar -Seynool Arbdeen Seynool Aswar had gone to the prison to see his brother. That time Miswar had told Arbdeen that the prison officers are threatening to assault him unless he pays an amount of Rs.25,000/= Arbdeen had only Rs.500/= with him, this anmount he had given to one Officer ,whom he can identify if he sees again. On the following day 4th of July 2008 Miswar was dead.

According to Arbdeen there is another inmate Shaul Hameed MOhamad Naushad who had seen the incident is willing to come forward as a witness if suitable security is provided.

Some time back one Lal Fernando from Seeduwa too was assaulted and murdered in the Negombo Prison and the wife of late Lal Fernando filed a fundamental rights case at the Supreme Court and was ordered to pay Rupees One Million by the accused.



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