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Witness in Prison murder case threatened and assaulted.

On the 3rd of July 2008 two Jailer Guards had assaulted and killed a prisoner,Seynnool Miswar . The witness to this ,a 51 year old Seyedu Mohmad Abhu Ubeyda, had been threatened with death and had been beaten.

Abhu Ubeyda was in remand prison a suspect in an assault case..On the 3rd of July at about 4.00 pm while Abhu Ubeyda was going for a bath he had seen the victim ,Seynnool Miswar, holding the chest and the abdomen. When asked , the victim had told him that three jailor guards, Budhika and Neville and another person had assaulted him and was in severe pain. Witness had advised him to go to the hospital. On his way back from the bath Abhu Ubeyda had seen Miswar on the floor , dead., That day the Prison Doctor too was not available.

Abhu Ubeyda has given a statement to the Criminal Section Negombo Police to this effect and now he is a witness to this case. At the instigation of Jailor Guards Abhu Ubeyda had been beaten by inmates. He has been released on bail, and is been offered Rs.100,000/= if keep away from giving evidence.

Since Abhu Ubeyda did not agree to this , on the 17th of July at about 9.45 pm four persons in helmets had come to his house , tied him to the window grille and had beaten him with a pole. He had recognized two of them as Peiris and Sepala of Negombo Prison. After some time they had left the house warning him if come forward as a witness.

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