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Abduction and demands for ransom by some officers of Kuda oya Police Station

At the police station, they were severely tortured. According to the family, the family members were denied access to the suspects and the police denied having abducted or taken them into custody. Later, on information received by the family, they inquired from the Kuda oya Police and heard the both suspects shouting “Buddhu sir please do not torture us”. Then, one of the officers according to the family, contacted the father of these two young men and demanded Rs 1 Million for their release saying “well, you have the money, why do not you give Rs 1 million, we can settle this.”

Subsequently, the two suspects were brought to the police station and judicial medical officer examined them. They are now being treated for their injuries.

None of the police officers has been arrested for this torture, abduction and attempted extortion. 
The family has made complaints to all the relevant authorities. However, they are afraid that the authorities will try to hush up this and will not conduct a proper inquiry.

The OIC of the Kuda oya police station and the ASP of the area should also be held responsible for this torture, abduction and extortion practiced by the police officers under their charge.

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