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Sudden death of Siththi Nazeera due to heart failure

Forty Three year old Siththi Nazeera ,mother of five children , from Negombo, Sri Lanka ,whose leg was amputated without her consent ,and who fought for compensation,died of heart attack on the 3rd of August. 2008.

On the 1st of March 2005, Siththi Nazeera had gone to the Negombo Basic Hospital for cleaning a wound on her leg on the advice of Doctors. But her leg was amputated without her consent and such amputation was not required She filed a case in Negombo District Court, against a group of doctors at the Negombo General Hospital demanding one million compensation..

Medical Council too held an inquiry against the relevant doctors , over her complaint. At a time when the relevant authorities are taking a slow approach towards the incidents occurring due to the negligence of the Doctors and nurses .Siththi Nazeera should be hailed as a heroine for fighting for her rights till the last moment..

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