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Bail Application of suspected doctor in female garment worker’s murder case rejected

Twenty two year old ,Chamila Dissanayake ,a resident of Monaragala, employed at Katana Smart Shirts Factory, had fallen from the 6th floor of the Negombo hospital on the 12th of November 2007 and was mysteriously killed. Sudarshan Balage,a doctor working at the same hospital was taken into custody by Negombo Police,suspected of Chamila Dissanayake’s death. It was revealed at the Medical Examination that Chamila had been raped before killing.

A sanitary female worker had seen the suspected doctor placing the body of Chamila in a card board box and dragging along the floor,towards a window on the 6th floor. A statement to this effect had been given to Negombo Police by the Sanitary worker Underskirts Factory Identity Card ,some hair and the handbag of the victim had been found in suspected doctor’s quarters.

Case over the killing has been taken up at the Negombo Magistrates’s courts. An application requesting bail forwarded on the 27th August 2008,by the lawyer appearing for the suspected doctor , has been rejected by Negombo High Courts. Some time back the same suspected doctor had attempted to rape a Universitiy girl inside the Negombo Hospital ,and had been assaulted by girl’s fiancé. This had been reported to Medical Superintendent but no inquiry or any form of action taken by the Authorities.

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