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Leave Granted by Supreme Court in the brutal killing of the prisoner Zamool Miswer

Zymool  Miswer from Periyamulla Negombo  was cruely beaten up to death  by the Negombo prison officers  on 3rd July 2008 , when he started serving his punishment in the Negombo prison.
The post mortem inquiry revealed his course of death  Was due to the torture.
Two Prison officers were taken into custody  on the statement of another prisoner  Ubeida, as he was told by the victim , the names of the officers who beat the victim. Now those officers are in remand.
The Supreme court granted leave to proceed on 4th of September when taken up an application by victim’s wife supported by  Council Mr. Upul  Kumarapperuma.
The petition was granted to proceed under the clauses of  the constitution 11, 12, 13(4),and 17.

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