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Fails an attempt to abduct a fisherman

On the 16th of August 2008, at about 7.30 in the evening ,an armed gang ,with their faces covered had come to Joseph Miranda’s house ,a resident of Wanawasla Kalpetiya,47 year old, fisherman and had forced him into a three wheeler. A relative of Joseph had followed the gang in another three wheeler and had seen the three wheeler with Joseph entering Naval Camp.

When inquired from Naval Camp, they had told the relatives that they did not bring anyone to the camp, but to make an entry at Kalpitiya Police Station if necessary. When informed that the three wheeler with Jospeh Mirando had been seen entering the Naval Camp by a relative of Jospeh Mirando, a Naval Officer had called the relative and had threatened him saying “Are you an informant? Do you know the vehicles entering the camp and going out of the camp? You should have been abducted.

Then the relatives had gone to the Police Station. Officer in charge had told them not to panic but to wait for some time and to make an entry later if necessary. At about 11.00 in the night the Police informed Miranda’s family that Miranda is in the Police Station and to bring him some food.

When asked who brought Miranda to the Police Station, Police said by some unknown persons. Miranda could not see who the perpetrators were as his eyes were covered with a cloth.

Later on Miranda had been produced at the Magistrates residence and had been remanded. To date the charges against Miranda has not been produced to the courts.

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