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Case on the Death of the 22 year old boy., hanging inside the Police Cell, using his underpants..

22 year old Surin Kinson was arrested on the 7th April 2008, by Gampaha Police ,kept him for two days in the cell . On the 9th of April according to Gampaha Police ,they found Kinson hanging inside the cell using his underpants. But the grand mother of Kinson, who brought up Kinson says that there was no any reason for the boy to commit suicide. Judicial Medical Officer who held the post-mortem,confirmed a wire mark around Kinson’s neck and bruises on the head ,back, right-arm, eye brows and on the forehead.

As there were some suspicion over the death of Kinson, case NO B1144/2008 was filed and was taken up for hearing on the 31st July 2008 at Gampaha Magistrates Court. The Judge delivered the verdict as suicide taking into account the Judicial Medical Office’s report “Death by hanging using his underpants.

But according to the grand mother of Kinson, the under pants shown at inquest was not that of Kinson. Another Police Officer said Kinson had used a banion for hanging.

When delivering the verdict the court has not given any consideration to the wire marks around Kinson’s neck and the bruises on the body. Grand mother of Kinson is to meet some lawyers to get some advices regarding this.

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