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Continuance Death Threats to Sugath Nishantha

Sugath Nishantha made a complaint against an Inspector of Police for soliciting a bribe and the Bribery Commission made inquiries , filed a case and the Officer interdicted.

Recently while Sugath and his wife were going on a motor cycle,the police had stopped them, threatened and had fabricated two charges as obstruction of duties.

On the 12th of November 2007, some officers attached to Negombo Police Station ,had come to Sugath’s house and had beaten Sugath,his wife and two children. Fundamental Rights case has been filed against the above incident.

Since the filing of this case Sugath Nishantha and the family is being threatened even by persons with criminal background, which Sugath believes are made at the instigation of Police Officers who are respondents in the fundamental rights application.. Now Sugath Nishantha has left his wife and children and gone hiding..

Several persons had visited Sugath’s house and had asked them to withdraw the fundamental rights petition or they will all be killed. This threat was made twice during the same day.Niroshan and Namal from a nearby village were responsible for the threats . These two with a criminal background usually hired for criminal activities.

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