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Has the Police arrested the real killer

On the 7the of June 2008, 12 year old Ms.Vinodani Silva a school girl from Kudapaduwa ,Negombo, was found  dead, hanging from a beam in the kitchen.. Negombo Basic Hospital ,Judicial  Medical Officer Dr.Channa Perera ,who held the post mortem, has shown in his report that the girl has been strangled ,murdered and then hung from the beam in the kitchen and also  she had been raped continuously since about six months.,and  according to the report  Vinodani  was not  raped on the day she was murdered   Some vital  body  parts were removed for further investigation.

Vincent Crooz  the brother of Vinodani’s mother who has been  living in the same house  was arrested by Negombo police  and remanded till 23rd June.

According to the information  we received  from the neighbours and relatives of Vinodani, the Police has not done a proper investigation  and just because Vincent Crooz being an alcoholic,and living in the same house  and also at the  request of two priests and another person Vincent Croos had been arrested..  Other than that Police  have not   bothered  even to take down any statement  from anyone.

In a murder case if the suspect  does not make any confession,it is the  responsibility  of the  police ,to prove beyond doubt, at the open Court, that the suspect is the real convict. 
In  case  the Police does not take any action  to collect necessary evidence regarding their responsibility ,the suspect is liable to  get  acquitted and discharged and the victims would be  desperate  and the common man may tend to gradually lose faith  in the legal system. .  Due to the irresponsibility  of the Police  the real suspects of about 94% of the cases filed at High Courts  are acquitted. According to the neighbours   other than the arrested person, there may be some more  suspected persons in  Vinodani’s murder.  Some times the arrested person may not be the real killer.  Unless the Police  conduct an  immediate investigation , vital evidence and information  may be lost ,as time goes on.  This should not happen.   The convicts of this nature  should not be  allowed to come out to the  society.  If  they  do that may be the end of another  Vinodani.

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