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Initiated Inquiries against Sub Inspector Wimalakeerthi attached to Police Station Deniyaya who tortured 14 year old school boy.

It has been reported that Sub Inspector Wimalakeerthi ,attached to Deniyaya Police Station has been indicted for torturing a 14 year old school boy ,Janaka Pradeep, whom the Police charged for the theft of a hand phone which Janaka Pradeep denied, and also forcing the mother of Janaka to pay the value of the phone.

Mother of Janak Pradeep made a written complaint to Inspector General of Police and the National Police Commission.. Accordingly Assistant Superintendent of Police Southern Province has initiated inquiries.

According to the inquiries, it has been found that the S.I. has neither made any complaint nor made any entry in the Police Books and has conducted an illegal inquiry by calling both parties to Police Station and also a money transaction had taken place.

All these tantamount to negligence of duties and disciplinary action is to be taken .

Board of inquiries has decided to send the full report to Attorney General for further instructions.

The report consist of following.

  1. Neglecting departmental orders A 7 B para 4(a)
  2. .Failure to report the incident 4(e)
  3. Failure to enter the Police Books 4(f)

Necessary steps have been taken to take disciplinary action under Departmental Order A 7 B

While the inquiries were going on the O.I.C. and some Police Officers had visited Janaka Pradeep’s house and had informed Janaka’s mother that S.I. Wimalkeerthi is willing to offer some money and come to a settlement ,which Janka’s mother had refused,

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