Is it legal to assault a 16 year old school boy and hand over to the Police ? According to Negombo OIC yes it is legal.

 - June 19th, 2008 - 

Gayan Samudu  a 16year old school boy, from Kurana, assaulted  at St.Anne’s church.
taken away and later on  handed over to  Negombo Police Station.Parents’ complaints go unheeded as the perpetrators are rich and well to do businessmen,in Negombo Area.  Vehicle used for this tragedy WP PD 7766.

On hearing that Gayan had been taken to Police Station, the parents of Gayan went to see him.  They saw Gayan with a swollen face, bruises all over the face, scratch mark around the neck and  Gayan’s back was blue colour.  When asked  from the OIC Negombo ,how can a person assault a 16 year old boy like this.  OIC’s reply was that it is possible to assault any one and hand over to the Police.

Gayan was admitted to Negombo Hospital at about 11.30 p.m and is still under treatment.
At about 10.00 am on the 6th June 2008, two persons had taken Gayan  to Asst,Judicial Medical Officer Dr.S Chandrakantha on the pretext of taking a X ray. There Dr.Chandrakanthan  forced  Gayan to write  “Legal action not necessary”  and  sign on a document..

Judicial Medical Officer Dr.Channa Perera,reprehended Dr.Chandrakanthan for getting the boy to sign without the consent of the parents as  Gayan is only 16 years.  Dr,Channa Perera altered the papers and instructed the parents to do some  medical tests.

So far the Negombo Police has not taken any action against the culprits.  Parents of Gayan seek the assistance of the Authorities concerned to conduct a thorough  investigation for assaulting Gayan and also to take action what ever possible against Dr.Chandrakanthan  for  getting an underaged boy to  sign on Govt.documents   with the idea of discharging Gayan from the  hospital.



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