Throwing Acid to the face ,torturing & fabricating false charges

 - July 31st, 2008 - 

Madawalamulla ,Galle,had been riding his scooter with one of his friends, a boy named Prabath Chaminda on the pillion, and were on their way to visit one of relatives of Asantha Aravinda living at Pitabaddera. One truck driver alighted from the truck and crossed the road without checking for oncoming traffic. As the scooter was passing this truck driver’s hand slightly touched the scooter side mirror..

There had been some exchange of words and were separated.

But later on the Truck had pursued the scooter from behind and knocked the scooter thus injuring the pillion rider and causing heavy damages to the scooter. The truck driver had run away and later on had come with the Police and had assaulted the two boys inhumanely.

Asantha’s hands tied behind and beaten mercilessly. He had been in severe pain and had shouted for water. Then the truck driver had poured some acid from a bottle to a cup and had given to Asantha to drink. Realizing it is acid Asantha spat out.

Then the Truck driver had thrown the balance acid on to Aravinda’s face.

All these things done in front of the Police Officers. Due to acid Asantha’s left eye and the face severely burnt. After that the Police had covered Asantha’s face with a cloth and had taken to Pitabeddara Police station and had beaten again.

That night the Officer in charge of the Police Station had come to the Police Cell with the truck driver fully drunk and had assaulted again. For two days the Police had kept him in the Cell without giving him any medical treatment and any visitors were not allowed..

Now the Police had fabricated a case as. Trying to waylay the truck driver with a bomb and two guns.

In addition the Pitabaddera Police had informed the other Police stations in the area,that they had apprehended two well known robbers in the area and had got other police stations to fabricate two more cases.

Asantha is now in Colombo Eye Hospital . Doctors at the eye hospital say that due to the delay in treating, it is not possible to save the eye. This has affected the other eye as well..



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