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Letter to the Inspector General of Police – SLCAT focuses on increasing of violence’s during the epidemic.

The Sri Lankan Collective Against Torture says that when government authorities abuse power with arbitrary enforcement of the law against marginalised people in the society and In refusing to provide security to those people caused to erode public in state institute including government and police.

They have stated this addressing IGP Mr. Wickramaratne in a letter titled as “preventing arbitrary detentions and deaths in custody”.

The signatories of this letter are
Anuradhapura Citizen’s Committee, Center for Policy Alternative, Centre for Human Rights and Development, Dabindu Collective, Human Rights Office Kandy, Human Rights First Aid Centre Hambanthota, Human Rights Shelter, Human Rights First Aid Centre Galle, INFORM Documentation Center,
Law and Society Trust, National Fisheries Solidarity, National Peace Council, National Collaboration Development Foundation, Red Flag Front – Deniyaye, Right to Life Human Rights Centre, Rights Now Collective for Democracy,
Rule of Law Forum, Rural Womans Front, Suya Shakthi foundation and Uva Shakthi Foundation.

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